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Re: back to basics, punch

I remember the Steven Seagal documentary 'the path beyond thought' in which one of his close training partners talks about honesty in training, referring to strikes. This is an issue too in AJJ, punches and strikes must be delivered with honesty, meaning realistically and not weakly. Whenever I train and I have to punch I do my best to aim for the person's face and while I pull the punch to a degree, for safety reasons, I try and make it a realistic attack. I'd personally like more training on the different kinds of strikes using the different knuckles on the fingers. I've got a book at home on Hakko Ryu Jujutsu, which includes the various strikes but we don't seem to practice all of them at my club.

Sometimes though we're taught not to punch but just to apply bodyweight through the knuckle and this against your ribs, underneath your armpits is incredibly sensitive and painful. I think a couple of pinpoint atemis to the ribs would take the fight out of alot of people.
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