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Re: Aikido, the Hippie Martial Art

Diana Frese wrote: View Post
Not sure if I was, or am, a hippie (sure that I'm hippy, now that the Chief Budo Babe has confessed the same)

But I am a Trekkie. This sounds like The Trouble with Tribbles. Can't remember what Captain Kirk did about them, give them their own planet?

Actually, I read with interest tales of the Hut Dojo in Britain, and the ki no nagare styles too. Coming from an age when Aikido was not well known, I am very happy that it has spread far and wide.

As Matthew Gano always says, Gambatte!
I think he did give them their own planet guinea pigs crossed with snooker balls wern't they. I'm sure they were behind the original idea for gremlins! ....yuk....breeding everywhere.

Zoom...back in the 60's and 70's just for a second there. ;-)
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