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Re: Magic, Bullfighting, Front-loaders, and Aikido

Thanks, Diana and Dave, for jumping in with ideas and stories. Also, you two brought some more to mind:
- For kokyu-dosa, I've heard "open the book, show them the book." Also the image or a pie in the face, or holding an arrow that's going through Uke's head, and moving them with it.
- I love the greyhound lure idea! During one of Patrick Cassidy Sensei's visits to our dojo he was making a point about Uke's intent in grabbing, and held a $5 bill in his hand to make them think of really being determined to get Nage's hand, not just make a vague gesture of it.
- One of the morote-dori blends feels to me like the aerobatic manuver called an Emmelman (sp?), which is a climbing half-loop with a roll out on the top.
- Speaking of flying, for those folks who try to pull Uke by waving their arm sideways, instead of extending through the fingers and leading Uke, making airplane noises helps! "Fly" your hand around like a 5 year-old would, imitating an airplane. Nobody would do that by moving their hand side to side. :-)
- And yes, skating in tenshi-nage! I use that one.

I think I need to learn a simple magic trick - the slight-of-hand sort, to illustrate the principle. Something easy like pulling a quarter out of somebody's ear. :-)

Looking forward, hopefully, to more images, ideas, and anecdotes!

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