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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post

I appreciate your comments, but I am not really sure you understand what my issue is with Mark and Dan. I have got no beef with what they are doing, what their ideas are, how they train, or their skills. I am just saying, if it's got anything to do with Ueshiba, explain how. I fail to see how going to a seminar with Dan would solve this, unless we spent most of our time going over old documents and pictures, or something like that.
David Soroko wrote: View Post
I participated in one of Dan's seminars and thought that the body skills he was teaching were real and interesting. I also think that they aren't related to anything the Founder was doing.

You can have one without the other.
I was talking with John today about how he was progressing and moving forward, both with his training and his book. We talked some about levels of understanding and the associated levels of training that go with it. If you just break the levels into low, middle, and high the consensus was that you have to have changed body/movement for middle level to do middle level and to have middle level understanding, to even see middle level.....if you are at a lower level you won't see the differences, the movement or have the understanding. is just that way.

As close of friends as John and I am...we talk this stuff several times a week by phone.....he telling me that if I want more from him, middle level and such, I need to put in the time training with him if I want to develop understanding that he has. I have to spent a considerable time working the sole drills to develop the changed body to even be able to do what he does.

With this in mind maybe it is just time to let this go......if no one is listening, don't want to hear, don't see......maybe can't see at this time..don't think this approach is worth the effort....are just plain happy with what they are doing now....just let it go.... we are back to flat world viewing by most.

let it go..... and just train.......

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