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Diana Frese
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Re: Magic, Bullfighting, Front-loaders, and Aikido

Thanks Linda and Dave, yes I have used a lot of similar images, since that is how I got a lot of concepts across teaching at our local Y. If I ever teach again, the airplane one is a new one, so thanks for that, too! The magic aspect was one of the things I loved about teaching.

Here's Daian, with another of her old memories .Decades ago, when we were trying to build up membership in our dojo New York Aikikai, we decided we should see if anyone who dropped in wanted to ask questions so we should say hello, etc. We also kidded that if someone came in the door, any of us could leave the mat without asking, in order to greet prospective members immediately!

Once I was waiting for second class, since I had arrived too late for the first, and I noticed a new person sitting next to me on the bench. Whatever got into my head to say the following, but now I know after reading Linda's explanation! I said to the spectator,"Don't worry, it's all done with mirrors"

Yes, when I watched it it did look like magic and I thought, gee, I'm learning to do all that too!

Your posts really made me smile. Thanks!
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