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Diana Frese
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Re: Please help - got injured badly in aikido 2 days ago.worried I can't do aikido fu

Glad you got reassurance from the doctor that it will heal okay and not take too much time. Lots of good advice from everyone, too. Just a little suggestion I just thought of, not sure if they told my husband to put his neck brace back on if on a bus, etc. before it was given more time to heal, but the idea I might have gotten from somebody or other was to put the arm back in a sling for the bus ride and then take it off when you arrive, until it is healed more thoroughly.

By the way, your buses seem wilder than the New York subways. If I remember correctly, the west side was usually okay but the few times I took the east side it was a bit wild, kinda swaying back and forth while racing down the tra ck. Just kidding around because it's a big relief you're gonna be okay!
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