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Re: Aiki vs useless waza ?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
If you had bad posture and bad movement then...either you weren't leaning Aiki or your definition of Aiki is different then mine.


I had bad posture because I was lifting many heavy objects when I was young. Aikido changed it for the better. Later on a xin yi professor told me my posture was sort of allright.. sort of.. he said. He corrected it into "half monkey stance". It was at a seminar.
To my untrained eye it looks like the stance you, Dan and others take during your seminars pushing on eachothers arms and chests and knees. I use the half monkey stance sometimes for keeping the balance on the bus or the train. Sometimes I use hanmi, sometimes both alternating.
To my eye it doesnīt look like Oīsensei is using the half monkey stance in the 1935 Asahi news film or Shirata sensei`s video of prewar aikibudo techniques.

I donīt know how to describe aiki and I donīt have a definition of aiki.
I wouldnīt even know how to use it if I had it. Maybe I would use it for keeping my balance in the company of others- on a bus or a train commuting to and from work
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