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Re: Please help - got injured badly in aikido 2 days ago.worried I can't do aikido fu

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
just because you can't physically do aikido doesn't mean you can't go to the dojo and practice. watching is a kind of practice. besides, you can practice footwork, right?
Exactly. I'm not sure about the footwork, but perhaps stabilizing my center and hara with my legs might be a good idea. There's probably I bet an ex cerise for that too I bet,. I'm waiting for the swelling and pain to go down, probably at least another week. Problem is I'm going to have the sling off by then, I don't want to fly in the bus and hit the floor again which happened a couple, I was injured with a lot of bruises and flew forward from the very hard and extremly sudden stop at a stop light, I flew forward over 20 feet, towards the very part of the driver , beyond the very front of the bus. These sudden stops happen often, but rarely that bad. Everything I was wearing and in my pickets went flying too from the force. I'll have no sling, my arm and shoulder would be exposed, and I'd have to walk a mile home late at night. Probably not a good idea. I would love to go to the dojo and watch, but my motorcycle was totaled in a bad accident and later I sold it for parts. I have no automobile or motorcycle, even though I have a valid license for both. I'd have to get my parents to take me, which they won't do, my friend Kelly might but I'm not sure shell want to wait an hour and half until the class is over... I'll ask her or try and contact her today, thanks.
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