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Re: Please help - got injured badly in aikido 2 days ago.worried I can't do aikido fu

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You might find some inspiration in these videos of AlejAndro Anastasio Sensei:

"One Handed Aikido. Inspirational Speech."

"AlejAndro Sensei's Aiki Expo Demonstration 2003" [weapons]

He is not teaching right now, but here's his web page:
I'm taking Mary's advice , not training with one hand, but still reading my aikido and the dynamic sphere (seems like all of aikido is movement? Can someone please confirm this? Movement with the attacker, (rarely static) and movement in blending with the attacker in semi or full, or many of these circles, reversing the energy and using the attackers movement to your advantage. Indeed , it seems in my opinion the stronger and faster the attacker charges at you to attack, the more energy from this, thus the harder they fall, right? A basic law is energy is not destroyed ever, but always changing. Einstein proved that energy is equilevent to mass in E=MC^2. This is interesting . What do you guys of this, am I possible correct in all of this? Thank you! And thanks for those inspirational links, they look interesting . I'll read and watch them! I also am talking to Molly Hale now, what a nice and amazing lady! Kevin .
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