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Re: Please help - got injured badly in aikido 2 days ago.worried I can't do aikido fu

Whatever the diagnosis is, I hope it heals quickly and uneventfully. Don't risk reinjuring it by trying to roll "just on one side" or something where you could have to deal with a sudden, unexpected movement, or someone grabbing you on the wrong side. That said, you could do some gentle, controlled training on one side. We have a student who broke his collarbone (off-roading, not on the mat) shortly before an exam, and after the surgery (which stabilized it with plates/screws, or something like that) Sensei did a class where we just worked on one-handed techniques. As I recall there was some kokyu-nage and kokyu-ho. It turned out the guy healed fast enough to do his exam normally, but the one-handed class was interesting.

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