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Andrew Macdonald
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How small is your aikido

it is practiced in many martial arts that the most basic form is large and open (by other martial arts, i mean mainly chinese ones, but you can see the same ideas practiced in karate and TKD) as we become better and our skills become more applicable/useful our movements should naturally become smaller.

this progress, i believe is natural and very effective way of learning, afterall if we really want ot understand details of something we can put it under a microscope to study, if we want ot understand the details of the movments make them bigger until you understand them then make them smaller.

I alot of aikido i have seen the movments remian quite large, i mimagine that this is becasue it was a class or a demonstartion where movements have to to large by the very nature of the environment. i have seen some teacher howvere beable to do throws or locks with tiny movements. someof these i look at and think that the uke is being way to kind to the teacher but other times have have sene something i really want ot learn. of course you can only get so much form watching a technique but that doesn;t mean we should watch and form an opinion.

so anyway

how small do you or can you make your movements. is it something that you are working towards or do you thin that aikido should always be large and open?
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