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Re: Aiki vs useless waza ?

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This is quite common and one of my major gripes. For example teach/learn the 20 jo suburi (Saito method). Then string the suburi together into the 31 or 13 kata and folks fall apart - work 'ti they get it. Then 13 or 31 paired practice - fall apart again - 'til the rework and learn it anew. Same for the kumijo. Now drop them into a more or less free style interaction and they fall apart again.

Even folks that are really good at awase or ki no nagare forms of the 13, 31 or kumijo when placed in an unstructured freestyle arena don't comport so well. What are we learning in such a format - patterns of movement but not how to move. Very frustrating.

Kind of the crux of the waza vs aiki thingy.
Thanks for sharing, good to know my school is not the only out on a limb
Yeah I was disappointed too at first, then i realised that all the blocked vs random learning research shows is that perhaps the usual training method of focus on drill based waza and kihon at a certain point is counterproductive. Luckily we have the other methods to fix it up (ki no nagare) and beyond.

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