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you've got to expect a response to that!

SmilingNage has got a bit of a point. Its easier for a stronger person to lock out a weaker persons technique, especially when they know what they are going to do. However it is to be hoped that in a real situation any female Aikidoka would not be facing a threat from a very experienced male Aikidoka. Women are often faster and more receptive to the direction of attack then men and I believe would ordinarily have no disadvantage from a strong attack - though there would be less likely hood of a powerful punch/kick/atemi attack from a female, which often helps to suppliment techniques in real situations. However I think it does depend sometimes on the club - if there is not a serious martial attitude the women, as well as some men (though men are generally more agressive anyway) get an unrealistic idea of the effectiveness of their techniques and don't develop the 'fighting spirit'.

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