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Smile Re: Two centers making a connection or one- in a bujutsu body?

To connect or not to connect? Is that the question? Or is the question about being connected? If so, connected to what? Presumably the universe, if we are to believe what O Sensei said. But he did qualify that by saying the universe is inside you; that is, in each one of us. It obviously has an individual dimension, but is it exclusively so?

When two universes connect what do you get? Do you get mutual respect and harmony, or perhaps the opportunity to explore what that harmony is like and what it means? In social terms this means reaching an understanding about connection and proceeding along a path until that understanding is challenged and modified. This is a social dimension of connection, but is it exclusively so?

The answer is obviously a matter of experience and point of view - both of which are relative. IMO centre to centre connection is a training paradigm, nothing more nothing less. It has its uses and its limitations. Usefully, it enables two people to cooperate and learn together. At higher levels it should be forgotten about entirely. At higher levels its presence is your partner's advantage and your disadvantage.

At higher levels there is no centre, only opportunity - tsuki. For me that is a sobering thought, and if it does not strike a chord with anyone then you might profitably ask yourself: what am I doing? Martial arts begin and end with respect for good reasons.
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