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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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So you have read some text, in translation, of material that not even the direct students themselves are comfortable stating that they understand, but it is so clear to you that you actually know what the specific training methods are?

Can you provide some details about these personal experiences you have correlated?

Are you talking about your personal experiences that you have had travelling around Japan or something?

Or are you talking about other's personal experiences that you have informed yourself of textually? It is the latter, right?
First para question, yeah. But not just me, at least hundreds of people now.

No, sorry, some things are done in confidence. I know that doesn't help.

Or something, yes.

No and no.

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You are continually contrasting what you call "Modern Aikido" with something that you consider to be "Ueshiba's Aiki." I don't see how you have any logical basis to claim any knowledge of "Ueshiba's Aiki." CERTAINLY you do not have any logical basis to challenge someone who trained closely with someone who trained closely with Ueshiba, on what is or is not the essence of Aikido.
Hmmm ... let me follow the logic here. You don't know any of my training history, any of my research, any of the people I've trained with, but you're CERTAIN I do not have a logical basis of challenge for the essence of aiki? I would disagree, but I also understand your dilemna in that I am going against long years of tradition. I certainly am not doing so with malice.

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
But I don't really understand why it matters so much. So "Modern Aikido" doesn't do it for you, and you've found some new way to train that helps you progress along a path that you like better. Why not call it, like "21st century internal power training," or "Internal Strength Methods Inspired by Various Japanese and Chinese Systems," or "Old men in t-shirts pushing on each other with confused looks on their faces."
Because it's Ueshiba's aiki. Long ago, when millions of people stated the earth was flat, did that make the very few who said it was round, wrong? Being Ueshiba's aiki, it should be part of Aikido. Coupled with Modern Aikido's spiritual ideology (promoted by Kisshomaru), Ueshiba's aiki would make Modern Aikido absolutely come alive and stand out even more so. That's what I'd like to see, not just one Ueshiba popping up, but hundreds.

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