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Re: So how is your dojo doing?

Easier said than done. I've trained with most people in my dojo, I've helped the lower grades and the teenagers before. We did a Nidan session a few weeks ago where I partnered with one of the teenagers but his wrists were so weak that he crumpled in pain with almost every technique and I had to train very lightly with him. Not a criticism of him, he couldn't help his frame but it wasn't the most beneficial session for me. I've trained with some bigger guys, whose body frame is much bigger than mine and are much stronger than me, which has been good to really hone the technique to make it work. The hardest I think I've trained is when I've done knife defence - but there is less emphasis on ukemi in AJJ than Aikido and more emphasis on atemi, so training is done with great care to avoid injury.
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