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Re: So how is your dojo doing?

December will be two years since our founder/chief instructor died.
Immediately after her passing, a bunch of former students, including some fairly senior folk, reappeared on the mat; however, they quickly faded away.
Our core group remains quite small - this is a small town in the heart of a very rural area- however we have a small, regular influx of newer students periodically thanks to our beginner's and kids' classes being regularly listed via the three times a year local recreation guide - folks can sign up via the city rec dept. for discrete four week sessions w/o technically "joining" the dojo or buying a gi. We normally pick up one or two "keepers" for the adult classes this way.
And thanks to three volunteer instructors, our kids' classes are generally well attended, which besides continuing our role as part of the local community definitely helps pay the bills.

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