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Re: Two centers making a connection or one- in a bujutsu body?

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Well...I can't wait to meet em.
I will only say that in relation to the type of movement and training I am talking about, there is a quite a bit of expert opinion that agrees with me. I will also add that ....I..... did what I was challenged to do in these very pages (unlike some)....I HAVE taken it to freestyle push hands with big dog experts in open rooms. Trust me-the last f-ing thing you would EVER want to do is to "make connection"...with their centers!!!

Ok, question time. Hopefully you can show me what you mean soon enough, but until then it's a slow day at work so here goes:

How do you move someone if there is no connection? You have to, at some point, take the slack out of their body in order to move them. If I give someone my arm and tell them to move me by only using my arm, they either have to stretch my arm out away from me enough to take the slack out and make a connection to me in order to pull me or they have to find some way to get that connection pushing in, either by getting me to collapse my arm in a way that it gets connected to my center, getting me to introduce tension into my body to give them that connection or by finding some way to lock me and make that connection, yay or nay?

Now the above would be pretty rudimentary and would assume that I have no other ability to keep my center hidden if they do manage to get some sort of connection through the arm to the rest of my body, but as we know, even getting a connection through the arm to the rest of my body does not guarantee that they're going to get my center.

Make sense?

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