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Re: Communications Decency Act

Erick, I think most who followed "the thread that shalt not be named" were supportive of her, your former teacher and sympathetic to the whole situation.

California law is much as you describe, but the Americans with Disabilities Act here in the District Courts of California (the Federal Courts) have allowed any number of downright silly litigation to proceed. As you may be personally aware, one of our local attorneys was recently disbarred for various misconduct relating to representing disabled clients. His claim to fame was to threaten business owners with huge lawsuits on ADA grounds and then settle the cases for modest sums in the range of $5000.00. Business owners would settle the lawsuit to avoid the expense of litigating and the potential for paying substantially higher judgments. In my opinion, the ADA is a good and necessary legislation, but the abuse of the legislation is deplorable and demean those it is intended to protect and those who work on their behalf. Just another reason that people and businesses are leaving California.

There hasn't been anything published lately about the original situation and perhaps it has been resolved. I hope so - your former teacher and school have a stellar reputation.

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