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Re: Communications Decency Act

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Without directly referring to that "other thread" that might get us sued , or even the ethics of threatening a lawsuit for simply discussing a news story, isn't AikiWeb immunized against this kind of action under the Communications Decency Act?

I'm not suggesting that Jun do anything different - but this is the kind of thing that's liable to pop up again in the future.


Probably correct. First, speaking as a former student of the person in question, her dojo is top notch. Second, speaking as a lawyer who went to a California law school in San Diego and is admitted to the California Bar -- California law sucks on these issues to a degree that departs reality at relativistic speeds. It invites litigation on the smallest of pretenses. Where legitimately disabled students are legitimately and excessively disruptive, the situation is close to a no-win scenario under California law for a dojo -- and that problem is part of what I see as an aggressive defensive response by her lawyer trying to control it. Pressure can easily be brought by exploiting social media such as Aikiweb to pressure a settlement, especially where a dojo is a significant part of someone's livelihood.

Please give her the benefit of a charitable view of a difficult situation --even if there is only a passing semblance of truth in any of what has been reported.


Erick Mead
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