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Cool Martial Arts/Martial Punishment

I thought this deserved it's own thread. I cut and pasted one of my previous posts in a seperate thread about the aikidoka who was "slapped" by his sempai.

Is the underlying theme going on here that martial punishment/correction is culturally unacceptable even in a martial art and learning a martial art?

Or is this kind of action one should expect and assume upon entering dojo and learning from a stern sensei/sempai?

How would I react if the sensei/sempai were to strike me? Hmnmm...I must say it would depend on the circumstances. His/her mood & level of tolerance of beginners or could I have been out of line in some regards bordering on disrespect and unaware of it?

If he was put off by the coloured belt then he had no right to smack you in anger. But he had every right to inform you of the proper dogi for the individual dojo in an appropriate place/time.

If he truly was trying to be corrective, it's hard to rationalize pro/con of any circumstance in this nature. It seems of a recent phenomenom (sp) of distain for martial punishment.

I'm not for martial punishment in everyday life but I do know those are the risks in certain areas of life...especially education. Where and when is martial punishment condoned? Only really in an formal educational arrangement and role. I wouldn't accept a current definition to include employer/employee role or spousal. But I know that is a risk I take coming into dojo. But I am aware of this and my awareness can only guide my choice.

I hate being hit but I assume it will and can happen on any level. Whether it's sempai correcting me or if I misread my uke and get clobbered. Anyone ever see that happen, huh?

Even I have grabbed my beloved cat by the scruff of his neck and rubbed his nose in matter he should not have left in the incorrect place. And I felt awful at the time and still a little now too but he hasn't done it since either. Does that justify my action still?

"He who knows best knows how little he knows." -Thomas Jefferson
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