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Diana Frese
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Re: Too Busy Too Far

Wow. Interesting points, and me seeing a bit of everyone's point. I have to say that I do know of one family who learned Aikido out of a book and then started a dojo which is probably still going. One of my students went up there to Hartford and trained for a while when she thought she was going to marry her fiance and live there. He was scheduled to teach school that fall. That was about twenty years ago but my friend is still intending to go up there and visit, even though she lives on Long Island.

She never forgets her former teachers, including me!

In the late sixties, Ralph and his daughter studied Koichi Tohei Sensei's books and practiced from them. They went to training camps, became yudansha and I heard about many good students who trained there in the basement dojo. I heard he decided not to look for a larger space, they probably even had to have a waiting list but the small home dojo seemed best for them.

What's my recommendation? In exceptional cases it does work, marvelously. I so admired these people and still do. I hope my friend from Long Island, who used to live here while working in town, picks me up in her car and we go up to Hartford to visit the dojo there.

I didn't have the guts to deal with transportation problems, things came easy to me regards work and practice in those days (it helps to have help from family!) but my hat's off to people who overcome the logistics difficulties!
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