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Smile Re: Who's missing out? (On "Promotion and advertising" rhetoric)

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Rabble rousing? scurrilous salesman? So, let's go back to your original post:

You put it all in context with "Modern aiki". The only person I know who uses the term is me with Modern Aikido. I think you're just using passive aggressive attacks here. And as you have been asked numerous times and have yet to give answers, I'll ask them again:

Would you please define what you mean by " talked about Aikido or Aiki wise has degraded into advertising"? Please point to posts or people.

Would you please define "that you must have and if you don't then you are wrong or less than"? Please point to people or posts. Especially since you've done this kind of passive aggressive insulting before and it's pointed back to me. And now, your post following on my recent posting about what I thought was "wrong" seems very coincidental.

Who are you calling "insecure"?

Your whole post seems like a passive aggressive insult to people here. So, would you mind explaining exactly, specifically, what you meant? Your whole post is about denigrating people who you think are out advertising, rather than talking about history, training, aikido, techniques, etc. Please clarify why that is so. You do so again with your latest post.

You stated that people are degrading because they are talking about advertising or promoting aikido in an unhealthy manner. So, please give us the threads, posts, people where this is happening. If you can't, then please apologize to the aikido community for your denigrating them into insecure salespeople who are driven by fear.

If you won't, then perhaps Jun can lock and/or delete this thread as I see no real purpose for it except to continue your passive aggressive attacks. Especially as I think you're just continuing them from your latest post.
You obviously still have the same misunderstanding.

This post of yours is a fine example of what I say in the OP so I need not look elsewhere.

I have a view. I express it in the form of a statement.

1) You insist I must answer your question. You insist I must do so or else Jun should delete. You insist I should not only answer them but in the specific way and format you prescribe or else consequences will result.

Standard practice, tactics employed by pressure salesmen.

Now, as it's not literal but an analogy it doesn't therefor mean you are selling something in this case does it. It means you are using that unnecessary way and attitude to get what you want in the way you want it.

2) You say "Your whole post is about denigrating people who you think are out advertising, rather than talking about history, training, aikido, techniques, etc. Please clarify why that is so. You do so again with your latest post."

Once again telling me what I should be talking about according to you. Secondly giving a false statement for it is not about advertising or denigrating anyone who promotes or advertises. In fact as I have repeated promotion and advertising is good.

Presenting a false image is is also analogous to the tactic of the salesman.

3) Accusing me of being passively aggressive and thus insulting charachter once again will also be found as a tactic used by salesmen which they construe as applying pressure.

As I said, it's not a matter of if we do it it's a matter of when. It's a matter of seeing when we do and learning not to.

Can you envision discussion or debate without reference to charachter?

Can you envision a discussion or debate without telling someone else what they mean?

Can you envision promoting and advertising and sharing ideas without pointing fingers at specific posts and people unless you are promoting or acknowledging them?

Jun would be able to have a holiday.

If you want people to do things your way then talk to those who do them your way I would say especially if you cannot accept that another has choice in both how they answer and indeed if they answer or even wish to communicate with you.

Reminds me of a friend of mine who did wing chun. Always on about how others should do this and that and how others said this and that and what they should be made to do. His teacher told him twice 'No politics!'

The third time he caught him speaking in such a manner he said 'Final warning, I said no politics, if you persist I will take you outside and show you some real politics!' Hilarious.

A pressure salesman does not operate from the budo of love.