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Diana Frese
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Re: Münchausen Budo !

For those who have not read my Siamese cat story, which is true, I had recently come back from Japan and my cat, who used to hunt in our field and sometimes go to other places in the neighborhood, worrying us when she didn't come back promptly (she sometimes got scared when my brother visited with his Scottie)

Suddenly, on a beautiful sunny day I saw her with a baby mouse so I let out a spontaneous kiai and she and the mouse disappeared. She had been there with my mom and dad the whole time I was in Japan, about eighteen months and she was just her usual self.

Thinking back, O Sensei would probably have scolded me, saying "Why don't you let your cat BE a cat?"

I was so upset, wondering if she would ever speak to me again (those who know Siamese cats know that they DO talk. A lot) or whether I would ever see her again. Full of remorse I turned less than forty five degrees and there she was just sitting there next to and slightly behind me.

I loved that cat! But sometimes it's instant pity for the poor baby mouse.

So that's my kiai story.
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