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Re: Too Busy Too Far

John Vasos wrote: View Post
I have AIKIDO3D, and although the illustrations are great, understanding the titles of attacks and deffences is confusing.
It sounds like you are already learning aikido on your own, and that the main problem you face is understanding the names of the techniques. If that's the case then you can work out the names of the techniques from books and the internet, such as here: .

Read the article that Daniel James recommended. It will provide important perspective. But if after reading it you still want to continue with books and video, then I say go for it. What's the harm? As you said, you have no choice at this time.

Will you learn "real" aikido on your own? Well, AikiWeb is filled with arguments that students who have studied it for decades have not learned "real" aikido.

A caveat: You don't say why you want to learn aikido. If you want to learn it for self-defense, then be advised that the aikido you learn on your own could make life more dangerous.

What's really going to happen is that you'll learn a few techniques, you'll try them out on your friends, they won't work, and you'll give up on aikido altogether.
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