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Dan Harden at Systema school; Richmond VA. 12/15/12

Hello everyone
This seminar has been the result of me meeting a series of System teachers as well as students across the U.S. Most know that on the whole I am a fan of what Systema has to offer. I have had some critiques of what they are missing internally, but I consider it a small part of their excellent overall game plan. A couple of guys have asked me to do this for a while so this is the venue.
I will be covering basics of internal movement and connection, use of force, and directing and redirecting energy.
I am waiting for the address and will post it here.

Cost is $180.00 paid by PayPal
Registration requests to
Training is:
10-6 Sat
10-6 Sun
Please wear sweats or track suits and NON martial art related T-shirts.

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