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Re: Aiki vs useless waza ?

Lars Beyer wrote: View Post
In my view "aiki" and technique or waza are two seperate themes, but I strongly believe the one leads to the other just like being young has got nothing to do with being old but still there is a clean connection in the sence that the one leads to the other- I guess..?

Why should we distinguish between the two and whats the purpose of that ?

Any thoughts on this anyone ?

Aiki is an understanding of interaction. Waza is an expression of that understanding.

There absolutely should be a distinction between aiki and waza. While several others have brought it up, I believe Shioda and Kuriowa both were quoted in Aikido Journal as differentiating between kihon waza and kata no kihon waza.

I believe what we are actually talking about is kata, not waza. Kata is form and our techniques are kata. Aiki is the understanding of how that form works [with your partner]. Waza would imply the spontaneous or natural occurring application of form within an interaction.

For me, I believe that aiki is not some complicated thing (doing it maybe...). I try to distinguish between form and exercise because of purpose. I typically use exercises to study interactive response. I will use form to reinforce structure and coordination.

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