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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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That's not true, David
Aiki has no requirement to stand still or move. In fact the age old "Motion in stillness and stillness in motion" pretty much addresses that idea. So does all of the founders quotes on what aiki is as something he trained within himself (opposing forces, aiki being a circle, the circle being opposing forces, heaven/earth/man dual opposing spirals) all mentioned in relation to movement...within yourself...All of which contradict the idea that it is awase. THAT...happens after.

Awase is done by pretty much every human being in martial arts. It is neither unique or unusual to aikido and requires no aiki at all. The idea of having aiki within you makes the quality of the connection on contact something different.
Aiki in me before aiki between thee and me.
Not moving was merely my interpretation of Mark's statement that
The train stopped and did what Ueshiba wanted it to do, mostly go another route off the tracks.

If you look at the evidence left by the Founder, you need to consider the whole thing and looking at the videos, in most of them, he is doing waza. A very good waza with a very good awase.

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