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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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I think that this is pretty much how he did things, have a look at this ( it even has AIKI in its name ).
Yep, and pretty much millions of people training in aikido think this way. And millions of people over 40+ years doing exactly this kind of awase training you subscribe to has produced ... no one of Shioda's level, let alone Ueshiba's. Why can't we do what you're doing, Ueshiba? Because you don't understand inyo. Not, because you don't understand awase.

David Soroko wrote: View Post
For your statement to be correct a typical demonstration by the Founder would consist of him not moving at all and ukes rushing and bouncing off him. This is not the case in this video and not in the majority of others. There are some videos of "push tests" such as but they are easily countable minority rather then "endless and repetitive and common".
For a start, read this thread:

Then research it.

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