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Re: Aiki vs useless waza ?

Ewen Ebsworth wrote: View Post
could you elaborate on this? How is Kata taught in Japan? How do you see the model changing?
As taught anywhere else, only more so

It"s an excellent teaching method IMO, and there"s a lot more to it than many are giving credit for, but to fully benefit, it takes a long period of dedicated training. Turning up to a dojo off and on for twenty years doesn"t really work in this model,and this is increasingly what people in Japan do. The whole country is burning itself with overwork.It"s like Lee said: dojos are full of either kids or tired old men with little time on their hands.

Ironically, people outside Japan have more time and energy to dedicate to this model.

Personally, for arts to survive in Japan there needs to be a return a return to older times: People trained intensively in an art for maybe five to eight years, like an apprenticeship. THen you get a licence, or a grade and off you go and set up on your own. If you were happy just going to practice, you didn"t get a license because you didn"t need one.

Also, the paired Kata (I believe) was always expected to be augmented by training in a solo
art: hence the number of martial artists who trained in calligraphy, zen, tea ceremony etc.
People aren"t cross practicing like this so much either any more, because of work/study, and the fact that these arts have become very expensive and sectarian. Basically, people can only afford take up one art, in terms of time, money and emotional commitment.
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