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Re: Aiki vs useless waza ?

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Only a fool would say that everyone in Honbu is doing Kishomaru's aikido and same for someone saying they do exactly the same as Ueshiba.

What's it to you anyway Mark? I don't worry too much about what others are doing : )

Kindest regards

By Kisshomaru, I mean under his direction. True enough that there were many different "variants" to the aikido in Tokyo, however, for the most part, it was all under the direction of Kisshomaru (early on, also Tohei). And, in general, all leading to Modern Aikido. Modern Aikido does not equate to Ueshiba's aikido.

Speaking of variants, why was there different training done at Tokyo honbu than at personal, private dojos of some of the instructors? Why was some of the training banned at Tokyo honbu?

What is it to me? I think that Modern Aikido has taken the spiritual ideals from Morihei Ueshiba and gone beyond his dreams. Modern Aikido has broadened the spiritual and made it available to the world. In that, I think Kisshomaru did very well. However, what did not get passed along (again, in general) was the martial skills of Ueshiba, namely aiki. So, I think people should know the truth so that they can make an educated decision about what aikido they wish to study. Both have their place in the world. Both can coexist. Only one, though, is martially exceptional. And that one, aiki, can also infuse spirituality to make it better.

If you do not understand the core of the art, if the core of the art is withheld, if the truth of the art is not passed along ... why should the students trust the Keepers of the tradition? But if you don't know that the core, the secret, the truth has been withheld, you are blind to the moon.
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