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Re: Two centers making a connection or one- in a bujutsu body?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I'm not trying to change your mind about anything. Most people in Aikido do your model. Some Aikido teachers out teaching "internal power" teach that "make connection" and change your insides model. Don't get me wrong. As I said earlier, with people less skilled than you it works. It "feels" great, even amazing for people who don't have IP/aiki. It softly controls, it moves and motivate others. It is very easy to be lulled into sticking with it and thinking it's the bee's knees. However, if those same teachers meet someone doing the model I am discussing -they will simply...lose. They will be reactive and late. It isn't even up for debate. It continuously happens over and over. It is made worse when and if the person retaining center knows how to smoothly make change over and over under stress and remain neutral within themselves, and worse still ...if they can fight with it.
I welcome having my mind changed, Dan. That's why I keep harassing you to come visit us. Though to be honest, I wouldn't call it changing my mind because in my experience so far, we're closer to being on the same page than not. I think anyone who put in the time and had the luxury of having some people to work out with would come to those conclusions pretty quickly unless they have something invested in doing only what they're doing, which I do not. I have nothing invested in the training beyond the enjoyment of it. When you practice and come up with ideas and they're wrong, you fix them and keep moving forward and on those rare occasions that those ideas turn out to be right, you pat yourself on the back for putting in the time and thought and then you keep moving forward.

January you said?
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