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Re: worst injury you've ever heard of/seen

After about 6 months of training, about 70 hours, my forward rolls my sanshodan sensei told me they were good, even great one more experienced student said. He's a great teacher, always tells us to go slow. I have purposely done standing forward rolls on concrete with some momentum, with no pain or injury. I told my sensei this heh, was about a month ago, he said, "NEVER do forward rolls on concrete unless you're being thrown". Oops. Most of the rolls I did, others told me were silent. I'm sure, obviously, not perfectinly but man my sensei (he's been doing aikido about 20 years when I asked him) forward and backward rolls ukemi looked fantastic, a perfect circle. I always wished I could do them *that* well, but one thing I learned is aikido, like my more advanced coin magic tricks, takes a lot of practice, patience, and I think also, importantly patience with yourself. Aikido was so hard on the first day, I'm surprised with my flops (no rolls yet at that point!) I didn't separate my a/c shoulder joint then , having the joint pop out 3 inches as it is now... Which happened to me yesterday. I'm posting a thread on this, but its awaiting moderation, hopefully I can one day return to training, this thread gives me a little hope. Heh, I even did a mini randori that day. Found out from sensei the day after the injury fortunately (unfortunately? Heh, can't now) I was very close to testing for 5th kyu, yellow belt. I go to a dojo in the USA. Take care guys.
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