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Re: Aiki vs useless waza ?

Aiki on it's own is not useless. It is exceedingly potent. You can have your opinion; it will last as long as you facing someone who gets what the founder...and now a number of his peers were referring to.
This is what I mean by internet ....debates. I would love to meet .....anyone.......please....anyone who can support their opinion on these matters in person like I have been expected to.
You keep failing, and to a man having to change your views and there is an endless number of people all lined behind you...not listening, not registering the thousands before you....and just line up to repeat the same process.
Aiki is not blending in external movement of joined centers like that. That idea is a modern corruption. Aiki is about changing your own body to make a powerfully balanced dynamically stable platform that neutralizes and controls and leads on contact.
THAT is why Ueshiba said When I move my body-techniques are created.
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