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Re: Aiki vs useless waza ?

"my first teacher taught me there was no technique and only aiki for 4 years"

Anyone who say there is no technique is imho completely wrong or we would just stand there and not move at all wouldn't we? Aiki on it's own is as "useless" as waza on it's own...together one leading to the that's a different thing. I can stand and do aiki all day with no one to practise with..and often have, and I can still call it aikido but it's a lonely endeavor that very few will support. Actually do this in Japan and you will be pushed out/away very quickly I can guarantee you that.

In the end we can go do whatever, but if the basic techniques of irimi nage etc are somewhat lacking we move away from what aikido is and was even in Ueshiba's day. Most videos will show Ueshiba practising basic waza or sitting by quite happily and watching others do the same.
(yes one day he got upset...we know )

There's nothing wrong with good technique..nothing at all.

Have fun...that's what's most important : )

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