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Andrew Macdonald
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Re: worst injury you've ever heard of/seen

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Hi David
The guy was doing a forward ukemi with his leading right arm, instead of making light contact with the mat on side of his hand - his palm hit the mat, I can only assume he took his full weight on the flat of his hand. It was very bad.

Handy with a sword.

About 40 yrs ago we had a dojo in a large sports complex - we often saw the instructor watching our sword techniques - what we didn't know was, he had actually bought a sword and was showing his students `Karate` defence against the sword - he had memorised the Tenkan movement but had forget to take his arm with him, as his student attacked Shomen, he turned leaving his left arm outstreched - the sword was not controlled and continued to cut towards the mat - the Karate instructer had his left hand cut completey off.

Henry Ellis
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seriously thoguht, my god. i am digitally speechless, i have heard of sword accidents before but nothing that bad
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