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Re: More on Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
Sure. Same as yours, your shirt just makes it less apparent-- but your hips pop out first, as well (At least in your second one -- your first and third were taken down. )
No, they're still up. You just look directly under the word "Straight" in the title, where it says 8 videos, and click for a list.

And I may be biased but I think the rear movement of the hips is much less in the third and first, but especially the third.

And you'll see that my legs are not bent at all, straight, as they would be in the push out exercise.

Yours, in fact, are well bent before the pulse and you extend them as part of the pulse, so it is more of a jump than a whole-body pulse.

The way you describe "driving" with your center is also not what is meant in this context. We're talking about a release of power with almost no movement (and one inch driving with the center as you describe it is a good bit of movement).

The legs can't "lengthen to follow" the hips if they're already straight. And if you've actually been jumping, they won't be going anywhere anyway if you try to do it with straight legs.

So to watch what you're doing, you don't seem to be generating your results in any way related to IP, but just through regular external movement.

You're talking mechanical movement when we're talking something closer to electrical. It requires proper mechanics, but they're different than those used to produce the muscular power you're showing.

(on why you don't try it with straight legs)
Erick Mead wrote: View Post
Well, I didn't because it's your exercise, you had not suggested it, and phi did not correct anything on that point...
Well I showed it with straight legs. Compare the two vids--well, yours to any of mine--and tell me again it's the same when you look at the leg movement.

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
Second, because it is unnatural and unstable for the legs to be completely rigid more than instantaneously to transfer energy -- which they were.
Well, that should be obvious. As in push-out, it's there to limit you and make you find power from a completely different source. You're using the same source as everyone external.

Your comments about undulating pendula also miss the point concerning the three dantiens. The relation of the dantiens is not the same as between pendulums singly or doubly connected. The use of the connective tissue damps out the possible oscillations, which are really just the "wobble" of an unstable body and which bleed off the power in transit from the ground to the hand. That's why "aligning" the three dantiens is important. That's why when I felt the alignment becoming self-adjusting through habit induced by awareness from training, I intuited suddenly that I could do this pulse off the wall and presented my ideas for review.

I got feedback and I responded to it with two extra videos for critique because I am sincere in seeking really to understand this subject, both in my mind and in my body.

I hope you'll see this comment in that light because within your incongruence I do some light of sincerity in your comments. You're just completely misunderstanding the topic.

Best to you.


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