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Travers Hughes
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Re: Who's missing out? (On "Promotion and advertising" rhetoric)

Graham, as an advertiser and promoter, I have chosen to take offence to your overriding assertion that advertising is forcing your opinion on someone else due to your projection of this very device. It is true that SOME advertisers do this. The EFFECTIVE ones do not. I'm interested to hear of your experiences in the marketing and advertising field that has led you to such an opinion?
I;m not trying to be argumentative - I have difficulty understanding your post(s) and would like to be able to contribute to a constructive dialogue better.
There is bad advertising out there in buy-me-now-land. As a consumer, it is our responsibility to filter out the unnecessary - rather like our practice, wouldn't you think?
FYI - I don't own a Blu-ray player - don't need one. Guess that message got lost on me?
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