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Travers Hughes
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Re: Words: Virtual Reality? No Virtue, No Reality?

Nicely worded. I don't post here much but do read every day. I agree with your sentiment, and this is actually why I don't post - my bladder can't handle too many pissing contests. Personally, I'm looking for improving my aikido. What is my measure/yardstick? Not the fact that I think I'm getting better than myself/others (waza-wise and through subsequent gradings), but that others see me as having more to offer and to want to train with me (based on their paradigms for their training needs).
I don't kid myself - I know a lot of what I do doesn't really work in a non-collusive environment - that's why I'm seeking out others to bounce ideas off and gain feedback. Help me help myself.
Otherwise, the easy way is to change my own parameters - "well, sure THAT didn't work, but I could always..." I see a lot of these arguments here. I hate to use the term passive-aggressive, and personally am much harsher - its delusional to get punched in the face and justify why it shouldn't have happened - fact is, it did. I need to change my distance, timing and mindset (or something else that I am not yet aware of yet).
Fundamentally, my practise is extremely selfish - I'm doing it for me. Sure, I interact with other people and they will only play with me if they see value in it. That boils down to how I treat myself and others - nothing spiritual about it from my point of view. Of course, others may consider this the spiritual side of aikido. Nothing aikido about being nice to the waitress so the chef doesn't spit in your soup, though!
At the end of the day, I can't change anyone's opinion, and so am not going to try. I can decide who I listen to / learn from, though. I also choose who I train with - what goes around comes around.
Marc, I enjoy your posts - they are factual, logical, and systematic. They challenge me to think about myself before I answer and give my own opinion, rather than quoting others - assuming their experiences and knowledge as my own I'd love to train with you one day. Barring that, hope you'll watch my back when the zombies take over.
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