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Re: Aiki vs useless waza ?

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In my view "aiki" and technique or waza are two seperate themes, but I strongly believe the one leads to the other just like being young has got nothing to do with being old but still there is a clean connection in the sence that the one leads to the other- I guess..?

Why should we distinguish between the two and whats the purpose of that ?

Any thoughts on this anyone ?

"I move and techniques are born." Ueshiba.
"Aiki, in me, before Aiki between thee and me." Harden

Most people have no idea how to produce the actual "aiki" that Takeda and Ueshiba were doing and why the above quotes makes so much sense and are the same thing. It is a 180 deg turn around from the way most people even see their art. As I said back on the aikido list "It's full speed the wrong direction." So.....the modern approach substitutes movement and waza to cover their structural flaws and openings.
Ueshiba, Takeda, Sagawa all knew and explained that:
Aiki begins inside you.... not between two.
The modern approach, by its very nature "depends' on the two!!
Another way to look at it is:
The old way is movement of energy
The new way is the energy of movement.

I am taking Jun's and other folks advice these days and spending an effort to explain why, instead of just being critical of the modern approach. Most everyone keeps pointing to the old way and bragging on the skills of Ueshiba and his prewar people without considering those same peoples approach to do what they did.

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