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Re: Two centers making a connection or one- in a bujutsu body?

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Dear Dan,
While it may well be possible to neutralize a person in a body art unless you are a really skilled guy- I think you would struggle against people who are masters of kenjutsu /escrima or batto ho. Kendo masters can whop you as quick as look at you.
Why thank you Joe. It has gone very well- extraordinarily so as a matter of fact- for me and my guys, and continues today. I don't like to take all the credit though. How do you take credit for things... you were taught? We.... just decided long ago to stop just doing kata and take it out for spin in freestyle with fighters and with all types of weapons. I could tell you some pretty interesting stories that happened in open rooms with various experts and ranked people, but I won't. At least not here anymore. I save them for people I know.
I prefer to be a fan of aiki and not me.
What about Kyudo exponents /archery or a slingshot from a distance? Do you evade these as in the manner of O sensei [who reputedly saw bullets in flight]?Please explain your methods of dealing with these scenarios. Hope you liked Bristol. Good place to have a few glasses of wine. Did you by chance meet Mike Narey?? Cheers, Joe.
I like what Kisshomaru said. People shouldn't believe such nonsense. And for that reason I won't bother to respond to it.

I very much enjoyed Bristol-more than London. It was so convenient to get places. London is a pain: Up at 7, walk to bus stop, get to train, screw up the hard to read schedule and weird tunnel ways to my stop, to get to a bus, to take a walk a mile an half to the seminar location. Eat breakfast -in hand- on the way if your lucky!
I was tired before I begin.


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