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Diana Frese
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Re: Crossing the Floating Bridge of Heaven

Wow, two more responses and a video. Sorry, Phi, our computer does not do videos at all even the slow stop and start of dial up it had been able to do earlier. Greg how kind of you to validate my efforts in posting here and there on threads that sparked my interest, and Hugh, I am glad to have been instrumental in my own "playing volleyball way" in passing on some recommendations of teachers people may be interested in.

No idea what the golden ball theory is about, but will go back and read some more. Volleyball, while I only played a few times in my life seems to be a matter of keep the ball in the air so someone can hit it over the net. I like to think I help keep it in the air so someone can make a good point!

Some of my fellow students in the old days were also studying Chinese Arts, so sometimes I visit these threads of the more esoteric stuffs. (Thanks Phi, you have improved on the usual use of English words) David, I am curious whether your practices are from Mochizuki Sensei who I heard years ago was one of the main pioneers of Aikido, and how much you developed on your own as I haven't heard that he is among the living since so many of the early teachers have passed on.

Anyway, back to studying the thread whenever I get a chance. Thanks each of you for responding! It really helps me learn more and feel a part of Aiki Web.
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