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Re: Münchausen Budo !

Lars Beyer wrote: View Post
I once broke the sound barrier during koshinage and I couldn´t stop laughing afterwards because my
hakama was on fire.
I once saw my own kiai.

Sounds like a joke, but I was standing next to a karate class and they were all doing a kata in unison in four lines across the room. I was doing something in aikido class and the occasion came that I should kiai. Well, I learned kiai from Paul Couch, who taught Kyokushin karate and had a kiai like a barking Great Dane. So as the karate class went methodically through the kata, I reached the point where I was supposed to kiai and I issued the best I knew how.

The entire karate class flinched. But not all at once.

Each line flinched in turn as the sound wave passed it, and I saw about thirty people flinch in a spreading semi-circle that graphed the movement of the kiai.

True story, dude.


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