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Chris Wallace
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Re: Training with full hip replacement

Hi Alec
Just spotted your question
I am 58 and had a total hip replacement in Dec 11. So getting on for 12 months ago
I am 3rd Dan Aikido and co run a club in Marple, Cheshire UK
I had been troubled with a painful hip for quite a few years and although I could cope with everyday life, it was certainly affecting my Aikido
It was a very difficult decision, as I could still do reasonable Ukemi and I wasnt sure how the hip replacement would restrict my Aikido. Would I still be able to continue?
I sought guidance from Phil Smith UKA (and a consultant Physio) and gave it considerable thought.

Anyway, I had it done and was back on the mat teaching and doing very careful Aikido after 3 months. Now 10 months on I am back to 90%. I am still a little sore when taking ukemi and havent yet tried high level ukemi from say Shihonage or Kotogieshi, although I probably could
Tenkan was a little scary for a while but ok now

My advice to any Aikidoka, based on my experience is to go for the replacement but make sure you really work hard on the physio straight after the op and to continue with the exersises for at least 3-months

I would be interested to know what you decided, if you went ahead with the op and if so, how are you doing

Chris Wallace
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