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Re: More on Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

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Your clip looks a little...koshi-centric, we might say.
Also, your legs are bent a good bit before the pulse and they straighten with the pulse, so that your center displaces to the rear ahead of both your head and your feet. The leg extension also turns it into a bit of a jump.

I could see some of that in my own second video, but much less in the first and third. And while the first could be attributed to a lot of arm, the third comes from pretty straight arms, straight legs and very little shoulder. But none of the clips shows the correct alignment of the three dantiens, so the power in my clips is still pretty low.

Why don't you try it with straight legs?

And what about push-out? Many examples of Ark's style can be seen. Can you demonstrate that?

This pulse off the wall is almost exactly the same, but with the arms fully extended. The pulse must come with both arms and legs already fully extended.


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