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Re: Who's missing out? (On "Promotion and advertising" rhetoric)

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Well if you don't think you are misunderstanding then it's pointless answering anything you ask.

If there is no misunderstanding then we are on the same page. I think not. Therefor no worthwhile communication exists between me and thee.

I have shown quite clearly how the principles of advertising and pressure selling work and being an ANALOGY one can thus see when we operate from said principles, complete with examples ie: Boasting.

You continue however to insist I am calling people salesmen. If you can only be literal then and not follow what the OP asks then fine by me but alas end of conversation.

Considering that it wasn't *just* me asking, you might want to rethink your approach. And no, you did not clear anything up except to show that you're unwilling to answer the questions put forth. Please keep on topic for this thread that you started and answer the questions.