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ok i am gonna get flamed for this but its what i honestly believe. there are many fine woman practicioners. and i enjoy working with them cause they can be a challenge to work with due to their size and "fragileness" not sayn they cant take it, but physically most dont have the structure to receive certain techniques. many are knowledgeable and have clean technique.
but when it comes down to it, and i mean it i think many would agree what would happen if they were attacked with intent. i dont believe many woman can stand up to an attacker of size and strength. i am not putting women down, but i havent come across a woman nage theat i havent felt like i can easily reverse or just plain out stop a technique. though many people can foul anothers technique up it isnt hard to do. i mean no offense and have the highest regards for any that step onto the mat. i just threw my 2 cents in
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