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Re: More on Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
.. and probably all of the above ... From my perspective, what I describe as "potentials" exist at the the points of inherent reversal in the aiki taiso. If held in that relaxed extension (pace Tohei) they relate to things I see and feel happening in these issues as shown and discussed. Not saying "the same," but definitely related.
Well, maybe related, abstractly. Why would the potentials exist only at the points of reversal?

Dan is talking about maintaining all the potentials at all points on the body and at every point of any movement. Various forces may have modulations, but the primary power is continually accessible. No wind-up or change of position (maybe no movement at all).

Not to be snarky, though it may sound that way, what if you wrote a book called "Aikido and the Dynamic Tube?"

You could fully explain your whole concept.

But if we think back on Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere...while that may have gone a little had incredible illustrations. Very nice work that clearly described the ideas they represented.

So, in your book, would there be other illustrations than the one you have presented so far? Variations or versions of that one?

Or would you show some other ways to describe your ideas, maybe with human figures?

Because...what if Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere had been illustrated entirely with spheres? Some with lines going this way, some the other, some in black and white. Some with one line red and one line blue? Just remove all the human figures and you pretty much have that.

I just can't think it would have been quite the best seller it was (at least in aikido circles--I love my copy).

So I guess what I'm saying is, if you can't somehow demonstrate or meet with someone else, could you maybe draw a picture of what you're describing, with one or as many human figures as needed?

I put up my clip. Multiple clips. I even went in and made a snarky reply to my own post.

Could you just show us something that ties it all back to human beings?



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