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Re: worst injury you've ever heard of/seen

We had a guy in our dojo who seemed to be a magnet for injury. The worst injuries I've seen on the mat all involve this one guy. For instance, he was doing a standing shomenuchi attack against a guy who was in suwari waza. The guy on his knees did that ducking leg-sweeping action so popular in Aikido but the accident-prone guy was unprepared for the maneuver and struck his lead foot against the defender's knee. The impact dislocated two of his toes and split the skin between them back a good inch or so. Lots of blood and pain. The same guy, as he was doing a forward roll out of kaitenage, also caught his foot in the hem of his partner's hakama. His foot ended up being yanked up over his shoulder, which ripped his hamstring muscle. His leg was black and blue for quite a while! This poor fellow also fell awkwardly on his shoulder at one point and separated it quite badly. I remember looking at it about a half-hour after he hurt it and the shoulder joint was jutting up nearly two inches. It looked quite grotesque! In spite of all these mishaps this guy refused to quit training. He trained for the better part of a decade and would be training still, I believe, if he hadn't moved out to the middle of no where.

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