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pastor michael wolfe
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Re: The Sting of the Mat

If you are around martial arts--or any physical activity--long enough, you will see some injuries. They may be small matters--such as a mat burn-- or they may involve broken bones and gushing blood. I have seen them all. I have heard that the one of the most common injuries in Aikido is a broken collar bone. If a front roll is not properly executed, the impact shock will travel to the collar bone area and result in a break. I have seen a couple of these. Not pretty. The mat does sting.

It does seem to me that most accidents occur when nage and uke are not fully connected, when people are fooling around, or when people are trying to do more than they are able to do. When we pay full attention, stick with the training program, and do not go too fast, we are less likely to be injured. Small accidents are not serious but some injuries can haunt you for life. As I grow older, I work to stay focused and connected on the mat—and hopefully in everyday life. There are less stings and I enjoy training longer. Pastor Michael Wolfe
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